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Our AI uncovers high confidence innovation opportunities by leveraging 28K+ diverse, external data sources and applying food science.
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Go From Crystal Ball Research To Crystal Clear Intelligence
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Spoonshot’s research platform provides you with personalized insights, where predictions power opportunities, and where novel insights are the norm.
Our bleeding-edge technology combines the foresight of AI, the domain knowledge of food science, and huge, high velocity data pools, to deliver highly validated answers to your innovation questions.
We help you identify consumer needs early, predict meaningful trends, map out strategic innovation areas, and even develop and design food & beverage concepts.
A tour of the Spoonshot innovation intelligence platform
Say goodbye to stale methodologies and hello to timely insights
We’ve taken a fresh approach to innovation insights that puts your needs first:
Forward-Looking Intelligence
No more reliance upon limited data sets, lagging indicators, and archaic methodologies. You can now leverage long-tail of open, alternative data from varied sources, connecting data to uncover inspiring, novel insights.
Predicts Hidden Opportunities
Leave behind incremental ideas that only serve to validate existing knowledge. Get comprehensive data and insights to unlock product opportunities that you couldn’t have imagined.
Personalized Insights
Our platform helps you to find a competitive edge by delivering your very own customized insights. Never worry about your competitors seeing or buying the exact same data as you.
Digestible Data
No more long reports or data dumps, both of which are a brain drain. Get drip-fed intelligence at a manageable pace so that you can digest all of the information.
Food Science Domain Expertise
Expert in-house food scientists that model the relationship between flavor and nutrition with food data, constantly running various computational experiments to validate findings or alternative theories.
Flexible & Fair Pricing
Do away with huge premiums for insights that are available to all. Instead, choose a plan that matches your needs without worrying about any feature or data restrictions.

Trusted by brands across the globe
Companies of all shapes and sizes have made Spoonshot the place where their innovation and trend research happens.
“With Spoonshot’s technology, Primo Foods has enhanced its understanding of local market needs, global food trends, and is building a new level of conviction for our innovation pipeline.”
“By leveraging Spoonshot’s insights platform, Winterbotham Darby has gained a new level of confidence in seeing how food trends will evolve in the future, as well as uncovering potential new ingredient combinations for our future launches. Spoonshot’s technology has taken us to the next level in terms of trend prediction and innovation research, which makes it a must-have tool.”
“Spoonshot allowed us to quickly identify new pathways our R&D team could pursue in showcasing the versatility of our ingredients.”
“Extremely helpful exercise and pointed out several ingredients we hadn’t thought to include. Very valuable!”
From a CBD alternative to personalized diets, download our white papers.
Every month, we publish a new paper on emerging and evolving trends.
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Whitepapers and Data-Driven Insights
Whitepapers and Data-Driven Insights
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Got Questions?
Check out our FAQs to find out more about our food trends and opportunities platform.
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